Sorting Mail and the Flaws of a Typical Work Week

Anyone working a 9-5 job dreads waking up on a Monday. After having a great weekend it is very  difficult for everyone to go back to the grind and focus on things that ultimately benefit someone else (our company is pretty cool but I’d rather be starting my own business). I’m a huge advocate for entrepreneurship and striking out on ones own and hopefully I will get there myself. However, for now… I dread waking up every morning to go answer the phones for people who make so much more than me that it shows the error of capitalism (not necessarily a fan of Marx though). I still can’t believe how behind the USA is on have a more productive work week. My theory (I know I’m not alone in this) is that if people had to only work 4-6 hours a day 4-3 days a week everyone would be hugely more productive and everyone would save time, money, and brain damage. Our normal 8-5, Monday through Friday work week is turning anyone in the system either into a zombie or a workaholic.

Sorry for the ramblings, this week has been rough for me. I just can’t seem to concentrate and getting a huge box of mail to sort on the Monday after a holiday weekend just adds to the dread of the typical job world I have got myself into. In some ways, it could be fun to sort mail but, mostly its just tedious mindless work. It’s work that will still make a person tired just from mentally checking out enough to get through the distribution process.

On a brighter note, the next day there were only 3 pieces of mail! Talk about the mail redeeming itself.

All this mail=45 minutes of my life wasted=poor trees....

All this mail=45 minutes of my life wasted=poor trees….

PS, Here are some links just for catching up on worldly homework:

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