Memories of Summer

In Flow with Otto

Pat og Jenny på vei opp langs Big Quilcene River til Marmot Pass

Blomsterprakt i høyfjellet

Pat på vei opp mot Buckhorn Mountain på 2130 meter

Jenny på toppen av ryggen som løper fra  Marmot Pass til Mount Constance

Pat og Jenny på vei ned langs Big Quilcene River fra Marmot Pass

Summer time is a wonderful time. Full of life and amiability. Often summer implies travels or visiting new locations – or just enjoying the good old places where one feels at home. A time to relax and a time to gain new strength for the winter to come. Summer time is also a time to collect memories. When I recall my own past, many of my most vivid memories originates from one of those lovely summers.

As I am posting this I am off to first The Netherlands and then Paris along with two of my kids. This will be our summer vacation together. I haven’t been to Paris in a very, very long time. It’s exactly 30 years to be precise. About time I would say. I expect this trip will add to my memories as well as my boys’. May indeed the trip become a loving memory for…

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