Who is this crazy person?

me and my coffeeThis blog has had a bit of a journey as far as blogs go. My name is Carolyn and when I started this blog I originally used it to work on my black and white compositions (you will see the first few posts are mostly b&w) and to share thoughts with whoever wants to listen. It has now evolved into… a sort of quiet place for me to keep my memories alive in the cyber world. The goal of this place isn’t to get people to read, subscribe, or even like it. I just happen to love life and sharing and so a lot of my photos (I hope) express that love. I believe everyone has their own views and the way they see the world and encouraging that special uniqueness in everyone is important to me. If you are wondering about the name, I happen to be a fan of The Boondock Saints movie made in 99′. One of my favorite lines in the movie is when the comic relief, Rocco, signs off his phone call with “I’ll catch you on the flipside.” Ever since, its been one of those favorite catch phrases that no matter where you say it, someone will get the reference.

As my own personal sign off… I would appreciate it if y’all enjoy the photos, take what you can from them, and all comments and reviews are welcomed! Ciao for now and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.


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